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We are delighted to be back! With the pandemic behind us, Shruti Laya hopes to restart the Bala Shruti programs on a regular basis. Programs will be live on stage, and will be of two hours duration. They will either consist of four 30 minute mini concerts, or two mini concerts followed by a 1 hour full length concert.

Membership in Bala Shruti is completely free. You can join by using the member registration form above. All Bala Shruti members are invited to schedule performances (in consultation with your guru) in classical music or dance. Please use the concert request form above to schedule your performance. All members are requested to attend all programs. The performers are young artists just like you, and would love to have a large audience just like you!

We will slowly transition back to the original in-person rules. Attendance at these concerts by all club members is expected and encouraged. Your membership card will be punched each time you attend a concert. Concert opportunities will only be given to members who attend at least 75% (or 3 out of the last 4) of the events.

Due to the strong demand for concert slots, we would like to limit each child to one performance of a given type per year. We can have kids presenting different types of performances (like music/dance, instrument/vocal, group/solo or mini/full concert) but prefer to have a gap between successive performances by the same child. (Note that this does not apply to the accompanists - we only have a few capable ones, and necessarily need to reuse them!)

Where possible, we will seek to invite visiting and local artists as guests to these concerts. These artists will be invited to present a critique of the concerts. We expect these comments from the established performance artists will be of great help to the aspiring performers.

Please check the concert list below for free slots. Please note, orange color indicates that all four slots are not yet filled, so that program might be rescheduled (we need at least 3 slots to be filled to have the program). If you are interested in browsing old concert lists, please visit here

Looking forward to great performances!