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** Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, Bala Shruti has shifted online since April 2020 **

This pandemic has completely disrupted all concerts scheduled for this year. We really don't know when this situation will change and we will be able to resume normal operation. However, we felt that the young artists in our community should not become de-motivated due to the pandemic. While not ideal, we decided to continue the Bala Shruti program online

For the duration of the online operation, we invite young artists from all surrounding areas (NY,NJ,CT,PA) to perform Carnatic Music or Bharata Natyam/ Kuchipudi at an upcoming Bala Shruti concert. Please note that we still have attendance requirements, so you need to attend at least one session before becoming eligible to perform at a later session

We hope you will all tune in and encourage these upcoming artists, and preserve their love for music and dance. All concerts will be on the third Saturday of the month. Please join the concerts at http://www.shrutilaya.org/zoom to be able to interact with the artists and encourage them. You can also passively view the Livestream of the event on YouTube at http://www.shrutilaya.org/livestream

Rasikas joining the Zoom session are requested to mute their microphones, and start their video if possible. This will provide a semblance of the live audience, so that the artists can watch the effect on the listeners and get spurred on to greater heights! At the end of each concert (not song!), you may turn on your microphones and applaud the artist. You can also interact with chat messages to the group or privately to the artist

If you prefer not to interact, you may wish to watch on the livestream. There are are no restrictions on joining the livestream. However, if the livestream fails for some reason, you're welcome to join the zoom session.

As geography is no longer a limitation, please pass along this invitation to all your friends, wherever they are located. They can either join the Zoom session if they want to interact, or the YouTube live stream if they just want to watch.

One of the very few advantages of having the Bala Shruti concerts on Zoom is that they can be easily recorded. Starting from the July concert, we also have livestream recordings. These are presented here for your listening and viewing pleasure!

ConcertPerformersZoom recording PlaylistLivestream
33rd Bala Shruti, April 8 2020 (1) Keshav Muralidharan (2) Sriranjani Haran (3) Anirudh Khandrika (4) Samyutha Srinivasan Play -
34th Bala Shruti, May 16 2020 (1) Nachikethan Srinivasan (2) Samhita Vellala (3) Pranav Narayanan (4) Lavanya Karthikeyan Play -
35th Bala Shruti, June 20 2020 (1) Dhriti & Medha Valluri (2) Krithi & Sanjana Narasu(3) Srinithi Radhakrishnan (4) Ashley Paily & Gatha Jayan Play -
36th Bala Shruti, July 18 2020 (1) Shonita Srinivasan (2) Shruthi Raja (3) Shreeya Iyer (4) Kaavya Sekhar, Shubha Rajagopal, Anu Rajagopal, Krupa Sekhar Play Livestream
37th Bala Shruti, August 15 2020 (1) Deetya Vinod (2) Siddhaarta Venkatesh (3) Raghav & Anagha Ramkumar (4) Sreevarshini Karthikeyan Play LiveStream
38th Bala Shruti, September 19 2020 (1) Divya Sarma (2) Anjani Rajan (3) Ashna Jonnalagadda (4) Mythri Iyer Play LiveStream
39th Bala Shruti, October 17 2020 (1) Nitin Mahadevan (2)Sumedha Pillai (3) Anjana Moolayil (4) Sriranjani Haran Play LiveStream

Starting in 2016, Shruti Laya proudly presents Bala Shruti, a new Youth Music Concert and Performance Club. Sri. Balaskandan, noted music teacher in our area, and Sreenadh, will be the coordinators of this club. For more details about the club, please click the About Bala Shruti link above. To register, please click the Member Registration link above.

The club will hold monthly events on the third Saturday of each month. Most events will be conducted at the Saneeswara Temple (1616 Hillside Avenue, New Hyde Park, NY 11040) at 4:00 PM.

The events at Bala Shruti will consist of music or dance performances by members of the club. Occasionally, we also present concerts by established performers, especially visiting artists from out of the state or out of the country, that we feel will be especially motivating and enlightening for Bala Shruti members.

At each club event, there will be one Featured Performance of 90 minutes. There will also be short performance slots of 20-30 minutes each at each event. (Performers are requested to keep to these time limits). Full concert aspirants are encouraged to participate in these short concerts in order to demonstrate their talents.

Attendance at these concerts by all club members is expected and encouraged. Your membership card will be punched each time you attend a concert. Concert opportunities will only be given to members who attend at least 75% (or 3 out of the last 4) of the events. Mini concert opportunities need 50% (2 out of last 4) attendance

The current concert list is given below. If you wish to be featured on this list, please contact us by filling out this Concert Request form

MonthDateMain Concert Mini Concert
Feb-162/20/2016Vigunthaan TharmarajahAditi DevrajanShrinath ViswanathanKabilan JeganathanKaavya Sekhar, Shuba RajagopalSudeep SundarSudarshan Sundar
Mar-163/26/2016Abieraamy Jeganathan, Apurva Ramanujam, Chandravalli Swayampakula, Dimple Shah, Malaika Ravindran, Radhika Viswanathan, Samiksha Vittalraj, Veena Viju
Apr-164/16/2016Mahati KishoreShrinath Viswanathan
May-165/21/2016Rohini VenkatachalamAditi DevrajanDhamodharan Srinivasan
Jun-166/18/2016** No Concert **
Jul-167/16/2016** No Concert **
Aug-168/20/2016Mruduravali DarbhaSrinaath PerangurShrinath ViswanathanKabilan JeganathanDivya Mary JamesAnirudh ChandrasekharAkhil PaulrajKabilan Jeganathan
Sep-169/18/2016Shishir Kumar (Saxophone)Aditi DevrajanShrinath ViswanathanKabilan JeganathanMahita Bandlamudi, Veena Viju (violin)Nitin Mahadevan (Mrudangam)
Oct-1610/22/2016Radhika ViswanathanSwetha NarasimhanShrinath ViswanathanAkhil PaulrajKrupa Sekhar (Violin)Shravan Desikan (Mrudangam)
Dec-1612/17/2016Krupa Sekhar, Anu-shree Rajagopal (Violin)Shrinath ViswanathanKabilan Jeganathan
Jan-171/22/2017Kabilan JeganathanSwetha NarasimhanShrinath Viswanathan
Feb-172/25/2017Mahita BandlamudiSwetha NarasimhanShrinath ViswanathanKabilan JeganathanThayany Jeyakumaran, Tarun Vaidhyanathan (Violin)Nitin Mahadevan (Mrudangam)
Mar-173/18/2017Shrinath VishwanathanSwetha NarasimhanSridhar ParthasarathyKabilan JeganathanNidhi MahadevanAnirudh ChandrasekharAkhil Paulraj
Apr-174/22/2017Vignesh RavichandranBalaskandanShrinath ViswanathanKabilan JeganathanSriranjani HaranKrupa Sekhar Arjun Logeswaran
May-175/14/2017S. Aishwarya Swetha NarasimhanShrinath ViswanathanKabilan JeganathanShravan DesikanAnu-shree RajagopalSudarshan Sundar
Jun-176/17/2017Sriranjani HaranKrupa SekharArjun LogeswaranPranav NarayananKrupa SekharNitin Mahadevan
Jul-177/15/2017** No Concert **
Aug-178/19/2017** No Concert **
Sep-179/30/2017Abieraamy JeganathanSwetha NarasimhanKabilan JeganathanDivya SarmaKrupa SekharNitin MahadevanKabilan Jeganathan
Oct-1710/21/20171. Saipranati Kethireddy & Saipranavi Kethireddy (Veena) 2. Sreevarshini Karthikeyan (Vocal)Mahita BandlamudiShravan Desikan, Nitin MahadevanKrupa Sekhar (Vocal)Anu-Shree RajagopalKabilan Jeganathan
Nov-1711/4/2017Krupa Sekhar (Violin)Shravan Desikan Anu-Shree Rajagopal
Dec-1712/16/2017** No Concert **
Jan-181/21/2018** No Concert **
Feb-182/17/2018Mini Dance Recital
Nidhi Mahadevan and Anjana Moolayil
(1) Shivani Shastri
(2) Ankith Kumar
(1) Anushree Rajagopal
(2) Krupa Sekhar
(1) Kabilan Jeganathan
(2) Nakul Rao
Mar-183/10/2018Thayany JeyakumaranAnu-Shree RajagopaKabilan Jeganathan
Apr-184/21/2018Girijashankar SundaresanSwetha NarasimhanShenthuraan TharmarajahAashna JonnalagaddaMahita BandlamudiNitin Mahadevan
May-185/12/2018(1)Anjali Bhagavatula (Veena) (2) Sitaara Kesavan, Sruthi Raja, Deetya Vinod, Divya Venkatesh, Haritha Lakshmanan, Students of Mrs. Sumathy Haran (3) Shreya Narayan & Anusua Nath, Kuchipudi(1)Sabareesh Vishwanathan (2) Nitin Mahadevan
Jun-186/9/2018NO MAIN CONCERT(1)Nithya Vishwanathan (2) Krithika Ravishankar (3) Neeharika Kotimreddy (Veena) (1) & (2) Veena Viju(1) Sabareesh Vishwanathan (2) & (3) Nakul Rao
Jul-18** No Concert **** No Concert **
Aug-18** No Concert **** No Concert **
Sep-189/15/2018Barghav HariharanVishal SowmyanKabilan Jeganathan1. Vocal, Shreya Krishnan 2. Bharatanatyam, Sahana Madabhushi and Deeya PatelMahita BandlamudiShravan Desikan
Oct-1810/27/2018Shravan DesikanKrupa SekharNitin Mahadevan Aadhitya & Aakhash RamakrishnanKrupa Sekhar Nitin Mahadevan
Nov-1811/3/2018NO MAIN CONCERTPragati Muthukumar (Vocal), Kaavya Sekhar (Violin solo)
Dec-18 ** No Concert **** No Concert **
Jan-191/12/2019Shruti Vadada, Anirudh KhandrikaShuba Rajagopal, Anu-shree RajagopalSabareesh Viswanathan, Sanjay Natesan
Feb-19** No Concert **** No Concert **
Mar-19 ** No Concert **
Apr-194/27/2019Adarsh Attada (Violin), Anirudhan Ramji (Violin),Sanjay Natesan (Vocal)Sabareesh Viswanathan, Kashyap Rao, Krishnajit Rajesh Khanna
May-195/18/2019NO MAIN CONCERTTarun Vaidyanathan (Vocal), Sriranjani Haran (Veena)Kaavya SekharSabareesh Viswanathan, Arjun Logeswaran
Jun-196/22/2019Kaavya Sekhar (Vocal), Neeharika Kotimreddy (Vocal), Shuba Rajagopal
Jul-19** No Concert **** No Concert **
Aug-19** No Concert **** No Concert **
Sep-199/21/2019Divya SarmaKrupa SekharArjun LogeswaranIniya Padmanabhan & Rhea NarayananKrisha Anant ViolinSudeep Sundar Mrudangam
Oct-1910/20/2019(1) Shuba-Shree Rajagopal (Vocal), (2) Ram Narayanan (Vocal)(1) Kaavya Sekhar (2) Subha Rajagopalan(1) Nitin Mahadevan, Krupa Sekhar (2) Nitin Mahadevan
Nov-19** No Concert **** No Concert **
Dec-19** No Concert **** No Concert **
Jan-201/11/2020Vishala Swami (Bharata Natyam)Shruti VadadaShuba RajagopalSabareesh Viswanathan
(1) Sumedha Pillai & Bhargava Sridhar (2) Shruti Raja
Apr-204/18/2020Shravan DesikanRaghav Ramkumar & Anagha Ramkumar, violin
May-205/2/2020Adarsh Attada (Violin)
Oct-20(1) Sumedha Pillai (2) Bhargava Sridhar
Nov-20Siddhaarta Venkatesh