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Sri Sadasiva Brahmendra Aradhana

Shruti Laya takes great pride in announcing the second Sri Sadasiva Brahmendral Aradhana, presented in colloboration with the Kanchi Kamakoti Seva Foundation.

The program will consist of a group singing of five of the Saint's krithis. As in the recently concluded Thyagaraja Aradhana, all music teachers, advanced students and artists in our area are invited to participate in this group singing. We hope that music teachers will encourage their students to learn atleast some of these krithis, and experience the joy of singing in a group on stage.

This will be followed by a grand thematic concert of the Saint's songs by Smt. Aparna Balaji, with Sri. A.R. Balaskandan accompanying on violin and Sri. Shenthuraan Tharmarajah on the mridangam.

The songs selected for group singing are given below. Participants are requested to follow this audio precisely (tempo, number of sangathis etc.,) so that the group singing is coherent.

Sadasiva Brahmendra Aradhana Practice Songs Group Singing
Thunga Tharange Gange (Kuntalavarali/Adi) TMKPlayPlay here to endDownload
Pibare Ramarasam (YamunaKalyani/Adi) TMK PlayPlay here to endDownload
Bhajare Gopalam Maanasa Bhajare Gopalam (Hindolam) DKP PlayPlay here to endDownload
Maanasa Sancharare (Sama) Sudha RaghunathanPlayPlay here to endDownload
Bhajare Yadunaadham (Peelu) M.S.Subbulakshmi PlayPlay here to endDownload