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Carnatic Music lovers of Long Island and the Five boroughs of New York, now have Shruti Laya to fulfill their dreams of listening to the favorite artists perform in their neighborhood!

Our Mission: The promotion and propagation of Carnatic Musical and other closely related classical music and dance performing arts of India, especially among the second generation immigrants


Adults: Single: $65 Family $100
Addl. Adults (over 18) in same house: $25 Each
Children under 18: FREE!
5 Free Concerts per year included in membership

Contact: coregroup@shrutilaya.org

The New York area has a large number of rasikas, with a deep interest in Carnatic music. It still gives them great pleasure to listen to this timeless music. Thanks to the many excellent teachers in this area, they are even able to ensure that their children learn this divine art.

Shruti Laya was started in April of 2008 to fill the needs of this large group of Rasikas. By the grace of Goddess Saraswathi and the support and enthusiasm of the rasikas, it had a hugely successful first year.

The Inaugural program of Shruti Laya was held on May 22 2008, featuring the one and only Sri. T.M.Krishna who began his concert with these words of encouragement. This was followed by four more major concerts by Sri.Seshachary (who composed a pallavi for the occasion in Vagadeeshwari "Saraswathi Namostute, Shruti Laya Nivasine". You can hear a segment at our home page), Sri.Sanjay Subrahmanyan, Smt.Ranjani and Smt.Gayatri, and Sri. Ravi Kiran (who also composed another pallavi on Shruti Laya! You can hear this here. We also introduced upcoming artists like Smt. Nishtala Krishnaveni and Sri Shenkottai Hari in solo concerts, and young American talents like Kum.Rajna Swaminathan, Chi. Akhay Ananthapadmanabhan and Chi. Suhas Rao as accompanists.

The culmination of the first year's activities was an Annamacharya Day program. In this program, we offered young students of the classical arts - Carnatic music, Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi - an opportunity to perform on stage in front of an encouraging and appreciative audience. The participation was overwhelming - over 100 participants took to the stage - and helped us finish on a high note.

Shruti Laya's activities have only been getting more comprehensive with time. Please see flyers of our previous programs in the links on our home page

Starting in 2010, Shruti Laya has been beginning every year's programming with a traditional Thyagaraja Aradhana, consisting of group singing of the Pancharatna Krithis, followed by one or more concerts by local artists.

2010 also saw the beginning of our Sadasiva Brahmendra Aradhana, perhaps a first in the US! We again have the group singing of the Panchamrutha Krithis, followed by dance performances and thematic concerts by US Based artists.

We also celebrate a composers day every year where we invite participation from all local students of music. The theme varies every year, to include different composers and languages, with the idea of encouraging the learning and teaching of a diverse range of compositions.

Shruti Laya has also been a cheerleader for all music and dance programs in our area, presented by any organization or individual. Through our website and mailing list, we have tried our best to provide publicity and visibility to all these great cultural happenings in our neighbourhood.

The basic objective of Shruti Laya is the "promotion and propagation of Carnatic Musical and other closely related classical music and dance performing arts of India, especially among the second generation immigrants". We want to provide a feast of fine music to the adults, and also make sure that this divine art does not die out with our generation, by encouraging and educating our children to appreciate and perform Carnatic music.

We decided on a few basic principles. Costs will be kept as low as possible, by cultivating a large member base. Children (18 and under) will have free admission to all concerts and programs of Shruti Laya. By keeping the membership fee low, we hope to allow a large number of people enjoy the programs.

As we go forward, we know we can count on the same enthusiastic support from our Rasikas. Please join Shruti Laya, and donate generously to support our activities. Shruti Laya is a 501(c)(3) Charity, so all donations are tax deductable. Reduce your tax bills, and indulge your passion at the same time.

As Rasikas who are very much interested in Carnatic music, and in the idea of preserving this music for later generations to enjoy, please join us in taking Shruti Laya forward. And please spread the news to all your friends who are interested in Carnatic music.

Together, we can make this dream a reality!

Sreenadh Jonnavithula

(631) 462-2814
Sumati Sumangali

(631) 864-4668

Extract From the Incorporation Documents

The primary objective of this organization will be the promotion and propagation of Carnatic Musical and other closely related classical music and dance performing arts of India, especially among the second generation immigrants, within the meaning of a 501(c)(3) organization in the IRS Code) in the United States. In order to accomplish this, the organization will engage in activities such as (but not limited to)

  1. Arranging performances by established and accomplished practitioners of Carnatic music, including sponsoring such performers from India or other countries

  2. Provide a forum for performances by students of Carnatic music or other talented local artists.

  3. Hold competitive events to encourage learning of Carnatic music and recognize talent.

  4. Promote, encourage and support education, research and teaching activities in Carnatic music and closely related classical music and dance performing arts of India.

  5. Operate a website to disseminate knowledge of Carnatic music, form a resource for use by teachers and students of Carnatic music and act as a repository for recordings of performances by members and local artists.

  6. Sponsor and encourage other classical music and dance traditions of India.